Published December 23, 2015


The story begins in pre-civil war Virginia. Cyrus Black purchased a massive estate consisting of fifty bedrooms. Twenty-five of which were on the haunted and bloody west wing. Cyrus was a humble man who ran away from the monarchy and in search of a smaller life as a farmer in America. He married his beautiful but troubled wife, Heather, and moved into the famed manor. Unaware, Heather was a practicing witch. It angered her that the women didn’t bow down to her great beauty.

She lamented the aging process and found a seldom-used spell that would make her forever young. However, she would have to kill her loving husband and remove a body part or relic and hide it within the manor to be used along with five additional relics from future generations in a final ritual that would give her everlasting beauty and immortality. She cursed the mansion to only allow those named Heather Black to live in the house and each of five Heather Blacks fought the will to gruesomely kill their husbands and aid her quest. The spirits of the dead husbands offered them clues to fight the spirit of the original Heather Black.