Published August 24, 2010


This is a story about Joseph Patrick. As a boy he was disliked for a very good reason. He was a classic bully who stole and cheated his way through school and was destined to do the same into adulthood. He didn’t have to be that way because he was a genius but chose to be the way he was. His mother and Uncle Joe tried to keep him on the right path but there was no stopping young Joe. He lied, cheated and stole his way into a CEO position and quickly became a very rich man.

Wealth was all that he needed. He always viewed his friends as people who just wanted his money and that was it. His mother always bragged about Joe’s ancestry and what great men they were. Joe was living in the Internet age and he looked them all up, but they were nowhere to be found and thought that if they did such great things then they should be mentioned, but they weren’t. Joe’s father was a great man. He and his brother, Joe Mclain, went to war but only Joe came back.

Many thought that young Joe acted the way he did because he grew up without a father. His father had died the day he was born, and Joe vowed to look after young Joe and his mother for the rest of his life. Uncle Joe took young Joe camping all the time and he told him stories of a red door to the past that appeared to show people the right path in life. Joe was on a collision course with the mystical red door and five lifetimes of adventures were in his immediate future culminating with an ending that will both shock and endear him to what’s important in life.