Published October 8, 2009

The Castle Dark of Upstate

Meet the Brocks, a family both blessed and cursed since the 1600s. Their first-borns have always been males who excel at whatever business or endeavor they take—but die, in strange circumstances, just soon after they reach the pinnacle of their success. The females cannot bear children and would die young because of ill health. The latest couple in this long line of brilliant and tragic family tree is Jack and Jessica Brock. They, too, would try to break the curse. They just might…

Meet Jim and Terri Buckner, Jack’s best friend and sister. Jack’s business dreams and plans will come to fruition through their help. They would also be the godparents—the second parents—of Jack’s daughter. Jim buys a castle in upstate New York, where both families would share their memories and lives. But this castle, built and owned by the Bulgardi’s, holds some dark mysteries and secrets. Can they take it?

Enter The Castle Dark of Upstate, where the Bulgardi’s sons disappear mysteriously after a few years of living in the mansion. What’s behind the walls of this house? Accompany Connie, Jack’s daughter, as she goes on a search—a quest—to stop the curse, to unravel the mysterious Bulgardi disappearances, to change things, and to bring back what and how everything was.